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The TDJD Extensions was built to be used in a Digital Game Design undergraduate course at Cruzeiro do Sul University (Brazil), and extends the PopCap Games Framework.
This framework allows a better learning of object-oriented principles by first-grade students, and provides a simple collision detection and an architeture to manage sprites and animations.
The package contains the source code, examples, documentation, and a template for Visual Studio 2005. This template creates an empty game, with all necessary configurations inside VC++.

Last News:

August 01, 2007
Publishing of release 3.0 (compatible with PopCap framework 1.3 only):
    • The self-extractor don't includes the framework anymore, you can download it from the PopCap Developer Site;
    • Added a new example with a xml resource file;
    • The Dynamo's examples were removed;
    • The template for VS2005 now works with resources from xml.

January 12, 2007
A new example with Dynamo's library was added (update 2.0.1).

January 09, 2007
Publishing of the first TDJD Extension's Release.


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